Tuesday, January 18, 2011

these last few weeks have been absorbing. lots of travel, surprises, fun. most recently, i returned from a trip to nyc (my first since the move). it was pretty excellent all around: moma, tia pol, the high line, 192 books, printed matter, the chelsea market, le bergamote, shana moulton at the new museum, balthazar, muji, hampton chutney, canvas, aero, the oyster bar, angelica kitchen (the brittle is so very good, it's worth a stop in just to pick up a few bags) and other old favorites. we stayed here for part of the trip, which i highly recommend. at first i was worried it was an odd choice, but it turned out to be a hidden gem - so nice, quiet and clean. it's also in an ideal location, close to half of the places mentioned above, as well as the chelsea art galleries, the kitchen, eyebeam, the red cat, cookshop and the antique's garage. there is even a private garden, which would be so nice on a spring visit.