Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this is just gorgeous.
(via popptalk)

pillow by dermond peterson


weirdly beautiful...there's a teapot and espresso pot too.

...oh and i apologize for the wacky fonts and general wonkiness on this site currently, things should be remedied soon.

Friday, January 26, 2007

love love this table at ippolita.

via domino magazine
...oh and be sure to check out the domino blog, its got lots of great stuff - like this great ceramist.

happy friday!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

apparently i have bags on the brain.
this one from marimekko is quite nice.

i really want one of these city boy picnic grills for summer outings in the park.

have you seen the copy/paste project by ucx architects?

got really excited when i saw these too.

also, a handful of really great links that i stumbled across on a new-to-me blog, spray glue:

+ an excellent book of photos by stefan ruiz

+ beautiful, interesting pillows by esther diamond (i especially love the vintage collection, be sure you download the catalogue)

+ i like everything at truck. wow.

+ oh and ercol, click on the originals collection

Friday, January 19, 2007

a week away, accidentally.
this post is long overdue...

this recycled leather bag by ashley watson is so gorgeous.
(via fiftyrx3)

i love this book by mcsweeney's.

i got so excited when i stumbled across the fall collection of carolann wachter over at abigail percy...

and the work of mara skujeniece over at bloesem

also, two new, very interesting etsy sellers can be found here and here. one of these days i've got to do a longer etsy post...there are just so many interesting things to be found there...

and to those who have been asking...
+ a picture of "the ring" is coming soon, but probably on flickr rather than here. jan and i are pretty private people and i feel slightly uncomfortable posting too much about relationship related stuff here.

+ a new accidental interview is coming very soon - i plan to edit this weekend and post next week.

+ and another beautiful use swap will be announced very soon as well.

Friday, January 12, 2007

i think i might need this rug from anthropologie.

its a long weekend, which is always nice.
i'm going to try to see this and this.
if you are in new york city, maybe i'll see you there.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i know i mentioned them last year, but i'm still in love with m0851 bags, especially the weekend bags.

i really love the photos of meiko arquillos. she's the photographer that snapped me for lotta jansdotter's upcoming book.
(also over at chronicle, this book of photographs by terry falke looks very interesting too.)

spruce up your desktop with these gorgeous wallpaper downloads from mina perhonen's 2006 collection.
(via favorite colors...i'm so jealous of her recent heath mug thrift score!)

here are some great links from the recent eco products feature at house and garden:

+ north south project - what a wonderful concept.

+ ecoforms - i really love the colors that are available and the textures.

+ mi-workshop...so many things to love...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

do you ever dream about shoes?

for me, despite my complete and utter love of them, its a rare thing. so when i awoke this morning from a long, consuming, beautiful and bizarre dream featuring this pair from tracy reese...

i was a bit surprised. apparently they have been living in the back of my head since i first saw them last year. they are dream shoes for me, indeed, as they are out of my price range and higher than i am capable of walking in without looking like a total idiot. dream on.

i sort of love this book.

and these bird clips are beautiful and useful.


+ a well-curated collection of some of the most interesting video on the web.

+ great vintage for the home (and yes, they ship internationally)

+ a fun read - an a-z by zadie smith (if you haven't read on beauty or white teeth...you should. soon. trust me on this one.)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

a lazy sunday...
my new radio, some new beeswax candles from a favorite greenmarket vendor and two new favorite blogs:
+ favorite colors
+ strandgut

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i adore happy accidents.
curious and joyful happenings.
astonishing beauty.
surprising gratification.
sparking creativity.
the impulsive and the unforseen unfolding into something so much better than you ever imagined.
an unexpected and lovely proposal.

there are just so many new things to get excited about...

+ a new blog called 3191, by two wonderful ladies whose ability to create and capture beauty really astounds and inspires me.

+ another new blog called bloesem, with more interesting links than i can possibly list here.

+ porcelain from mud australia...i received the small jug above in dark green as a christmas gift and it just blew my mind. its so beautiful i can hardly stand it. i feel a collection coming on...

+ much excitement over brushes? yes.

+ a must pre-order for a fun, handmade spring.

+ a great bag - the yellow is just so fresh and unexpected.

+ lots of fun swedish products to browse.

+ i might just have a basket obsession.

+ riceboy sleeps from jónsi of sigur rós.

+ i love this milk jug by jenaer glass. love.

+ aren't these yoshitomo nara glasses excellent?

...oh and don't forget to go bid in the auction to benefit the kim family.

Monday, January 01, 2007

how were your holidays?

mine were happy and healthy and bright.
i spent time with family in texas (my grandparent's home, pictured above, is a constant source of inspiration) and welcomed in the new year under fireworks-filled skies in brooklyn.

my 2006 was an excellent year.
i learned a lot about myself and about the world around me.
it was a year full of exciting events...
my biggest one being...
becoming engaged on december 17!

2007 is going to be a big year...
ready. set. go.