Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i know that i've posted about these before, but i wanted you to know that you can get them here now. besides they are just so pleasing to the eye.

i'm going out of town again, so i won't be posting until next week. unfortunately, i'm going to miss out on a few things i've been excited about - the new york art book fair, the housing works open air book fair and the launch party for finland(!) over at kiosk (on 9/27 at 6pm in the shop).

bad timing, sadly. but you should go if you can.

oh and you can see more things i'm excited about if you scroll down and check out my new addition to the sidebar.

an addendum:
i was just knocking about checking up on some of my favorite blogs and low and behold - ack! michelle's new jacket! wow.