Monday, July 09, 2007

i really love this work.
i've been really into iron work recently, so this was a very happy discovery.
(via labour of heart)

also... a few people have "tagged" me recently and although i really am quite nervous about such things, here are seven things about me:

* i like to wear fall/winter fabrics year round. impractical, yes.

* i'm a foodie. i can talk for hours about heirloom tomatoes.

* i'm allergic to a lot of things, but especially cats.
(which is sad, because i really like them)

* the first thing i usually notice about people are their hands.

* i see a lot of films, but not many of the big budget kind.
i also used to work in film programming for an art house cinema.

* i have a strong bias against things that are made out of plastic.
even really amazing things.

* i am not very good at learning languages. i took nearly seven years of spanish in school, but i can only really understand and read it, not speak it. despite that, i am currently learning to speak a new one.