Thursday, June 28, 2007

yes yes yes
and also...

this book is lovely.
(you can also buy it here, where there are lots and lots of other lovely/smart things)

and do you know permanent food? interesting. or this?

[oh and a slightly random bonus.]

actually, i've been thinking a lot about books and self-publishing lately - kind of an an extension of a rather long thought that i've had in my head since my first encounters with zines in high school (thank you quimbys, riot grrrl, et al). i really love artist books and zines and small press books. they are at once personal and public - but married with the handmade in a way that feels really interesting. they are a political act, a revolutionary act even. they are just simply beautiful in both form and intent. so i have a proposal...

[SMALL] books
a swap project, by hoping for happy accidents

exchanging obscure, curious, unique, slightly crazy, handmade, artist-made, small press, limited edition, limited run...

...books, zines, tracts, magazines, newspapers.

participants are asked to send any three books to their partner. you don't have to make them yourself, but if you want to, you can. think about putting together an interesting reading/looking experience for your partner.

if you'd like to participate, please e-mail the following to hopingforhappyaccidents(at)yahoo(dot)com:

+ your name
+ email address
+ mailing address
+ website
+ a little something about yourself

i'd like to limit this swap to 25 people and (don't hate me!) you must be willing to swap internationally and have a website, blog or a flickr account to which you regularly post to participate. admission to the swap is first come, first served.

registration for this swap is closed. thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response! what a lovely surprise!

i'll e-mail participants the information about their swap partners on or about july 4th.
the mailing date for this swap will be july 25, 2007.