Sunday, April 22, 2007

who doesn't love a lazy sunday?
i'm not sure if we'll venture far today, but so far i've just been devouring the new issue of blueprint - its got lots of interesting things, including a lovely story on how to do a fun family brunch and loads of pictures of the home of purl soho owner joelle hoverson. good stuff.

(speaking of all things msl, i was super excited to be eating bbq elbow to elbow with sarah carey of everyday food over at the smoke joint this weekend. super excited. am i a nerd that this totally counts as a celebrity sighting for me?)

in honor of earth day:
lexus (???) has done some really nice little documentaries about green businesses. i suppose the intent is to sell me on their hybrid, but i was really more psyched to get a little peek behind-the-scenes of some of my favorite green companies, like living homes, landscape artist paula hayes and stewart+brown.

i don't know how i never noticed them before, but i'm really taken by this series of limited edition vases by roy mcmakin for heath.