Saturday, March 31, 2007

accidental interview #7
...a periodic presentation from hoping for happy accidents

i'm a little in awe of yen ha and michi yanagishita.
these two architects (and grads of carnegie mellon), who met one day in pittsburgh's schenley park, now run the stellar front studio together. when not shaping space in interesting and beautiful ways, they are redefining the idea of "ladies who lunch".
collaborating with a good friend, doing something creative that you love for a living, coffee and dessert every day at 4pm...
where do i go to sign up?

what did you want to be when you were a child?
+ wonder woman
+ mathematician
+ oceanographer

what inspires your work?
+ everything that is around us, that we come into contact with, see, or
+ accidental happinesses :)

happiness is?
+ eating foods that make you happy to be alive
+ unexpectedly witnessing something beautiful

browsing often?
+ bookstores - virtual and physical
+ local neighborhood - soho, nolita, chinatown and union square

wishing for?
our dream day: go grocery shopping with jeffrey steingarten, have thomas
prepare the food, and eat the dinner with clive owen.

listening to?
+ npr all things considered
+ lagaan soundtrack
+ department of eagles
+ jenny lewis

escaping with?
+ ny times crosswords
+ world of interiors
+ new yorker
+ saveur
+ gawker
+ whiskey

+ breakfast
+ coffee
+ thinking about lunch

+ lunch
+ afternoon espresso
+ thinking about dinner

+ dinner
+ wine
+ thinking about breakfast

what are you looking forward to?
+ our next good meal
+ designing great architecture
+ traveling to anywhere we haven't been before
+ lazy summer days

the future is?
today and tomorrow

the past is?
yesterday and today

your happiest accident?
shortly after front studio underwent a partnership change and it became just michi and i {yen}, we came across our initials in the sidewalk.