Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i adore happy accidents.
curious and joyful happenings.
astonishing beauty.
surprising gratification.
sparking creativity.
the impulsive and the unforseen unfolding into something so much better than you ever imagined.
an unexpected and lovely proposal.

there are just so many new things to get excited about...

+ a new blog called 3191, by two wonderful ladies whose ability to create and capture beauty really astounds and inspires me.

+ another new blog called bloesem, with more interesting links than i can possibly list here.

+ porcelain from mud australia...i received the small jug above in dark green as a christmas gift and it just blew my mind. its so beautiful i can hardly stand it. i feel a collection coming on...

+ much excitement over brushes? yes.

+ a must pre-order for a fun, handmade spring.

+ a great bag - the yellow is just so fresh and unexpected.

+ lots of fun swedish products to browse.

+ i might just have a basket obsession.

+ riceboy sleeps from jónsi of sigur rós.

+ i love this milk jug by jenaer glass. love.

+ aren't these yoshitomo nara glasses excellent?

...oh and don't forget to go bid in the auction to benefit the kim family.