Wednesday, January 10, 2007

do you ever dream about shoes?

for me, despite my complete and utter love of them, its a rare thing. so when i awoke this morning from a long, consuming, beautiful and bizarre dream featuring this pair from tracy reese...

i was a bit surprised. apparently they have been living in the back of my head since i first saw them last year. they are dream shoes for me, indeed, as they are out of my price range and higher than i am capable of walking in without looking like a total idiot. dream on.

i sort of love this book.

and these bird clips are beautiful and useful.


+ a well-curated collection of some of the most interesting video on the web.

+ great vintage for the home (and yes, they ship internationally)

+ a fun read - an a-z by zadie smith (if you haven't read on beauty or white should. soon. trust me on this one.)