Monday, December 11, 2006

a couple of things on my mind...

these photos are
(via never happened)

a small, but not too small bag from maria cornejo...

and another made from recycled rubber - textural, a bit masculine, very very cool.

these are just beautiful and unexpected. a lovely combination.

after having recently experienced a bit too much american daytime television, i find this little poster especially interesting and slightly amusing.

and while i know some might like kate spade...
i happen to love jack spade.
and the new website makes me happy (and makes me want to buy things...bravo). i love the little parachuting man on the scroll bars and the way the products are photographed (the weirdest things bring me joy, i swear) and even the sort of odd things, like the jack spade readymades. quirky and fun. another lovely combination.