Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i'm a longtime fan of stewart+brown.
actually, i can't believe i haven't written about them here before. i was reminded of them yesterday, when i received the catalog for their new collection in the mail. i would love one of those hats. beautiful stuff.

i mentioned before that i fell in love with vienna on my visit. there is something so cosmopolitan about the city, something stylish yet intellectual. i loved that. there is also quite a bit of young design and fashion happening in vienna.
while in the city, i visited one of the best, most eclectic shops i've ever visited called duft und kultur (no website, but the address is tuchlauben 17). it smells wonderful in there and they sell all sorts of beautiful things like wooden jewelry (some made it home with me), tin toys, morroccan slippers, candles and hard to find perfumes. its just so full of beautiful treasures you could spend a lot of time in there.