Saturday, November 25, 2006

maybe someone is peeking.

i arrived back in the states safe and sound this afternoon, after a nine hour flight resulting in much jet lag.

i took this picture after a quick breakfast in vienna.
no one warned me that i'd fall in love with vienna.
the christkindlmarkt at the rathausplatz, a mug of the "hot punch," the lights, the crispness in the air...

and poland.
did you know that in poland in the winter, the air smells of feu de bois?
neither did i. what a lovely, lovely place.

i promise more later. a few pictures from the trip every day.
but for now:

+ a new to me blog, based on a true story
(via naive)

+ small stump
(i like this, this and this)

+ these birds walk

+ you should see this blog by reva (did i post this before? not sure...)

+ oh and i highly recommend this book

+ did you see this over here?