Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so, i'm back from iowa...
and one of the best things about being back (besides seeing my partner in crime, settling into our warm house and sleeping under our down blanket) is getting to open all my mail from the last few days. most of it was mundane, but the lovely green package from my beautiful use swap partner anna made up for it all. you can see the lovely, simple, perfect things she sent me in the picture above - a washing up brush, a butter knife (handmade from pine by her grandfather! the best!) and a pair of metal herb scissors. i am totally over the moon with my swap package! everything was wrapped beautifully with little numbered tags that tell why she sent each object on the reverse. happy happy! (you can see a few of the other swap packages here. i'll add more pictures as i receive them.)

i almost forgot to mention, that i did some thrifting while in iowa. there is a picture of some of my finds here (please excuse the poor photo, the natural light in brooklyn this morning is less than stellar).

and finally...
i won't be posting again until december 4.
this is for two reasons:
first, i need a bit of a blogging break.
and second...

...because in a few days my boyfriend jan and i are taking a trip to poland!
we'll be visiting his family (he's from krakow), eating pierogi and zurek (my favorite), drinking vodka and okocim and visiting lots of beautiful old places. i hope to return with lots of good pictures, inspiration, new friends and lovely memories (okay and maybe some amber jewelry and a pair of handmade leather shoes). please keep your fingers crossed on friday that we make it there safely!

i hope everyone is happy and well!