Thursday, November 30, 2006

this is the best kind of weird.

two interesting installations (can you tell i like images of trees?):
+ one by simon heijdens
(his other work is very interesting too)

+ one by john gerrard
(digital work that gets my attention...a rarity)

(via designboom, here and here)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i love these rings by sigrid widmoser.

also good: notebooks from serrote (a fun, noisy website too)

and finally...

i could be here all day.
just looking around.
so much interesting and inspiring work.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i'm a longtime fan of stewart+brown.
actually, i can't believe i haven't written about them here before. i was reminded of them yesterday, when i received the catalog for their new collection in the mail. i would love one of those hats. beautiful stuff.

i mentioned before that i fell in love with vienna on my visit. there is something so cosmopolitan about the city, something stylish yet intellectual. i loved that. there is also quite a bit of young design and fashion happening in vienna.
while in the city, i visited one of the best, most eclectic shops i've ever visited called duft und kultur (no website, but the address is tuchlauben 17). it smells wonderful in there and they sell all sorts of beautiful things like wooden jewelry (some made it home with me), tin toys, morroccan slippers, candles and hard to find perfumes. its just so full of beautiful treasures you could spend a lot of time in there.

Monday, November 27, 2006

i was so thrilled when i heard from my friend anna about this japanese store with lots of simply beautiful things. especially because i was just thinking the other day about how i'd love some metal baskets.
frankly, i'd take one of everything there.

oh and i want one of hayley's bags.

i'm a little overwhelmed with all the things i want to share here right now.
...apparently, this blogging break just isn't meant to be.

beautiful use participants -
please remember to e-mail me your swap pictures for posting on the beautiful use blog. you can e-mail me at beautiful_use(at)yahoo(dot)com or hopingforhappyaccidents(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

maybe someone is peeking.

i arrived back in the states safe and sound this afternoon, after a nine hour flight resulting in much jet lag.

i took this picture after a quick breakfast in vienna.
no one warned me that i'd fall in love with vienna.
the christkindlmarkt at the rathausplatz, a mug of the "hot punch," the lights, the crispness in the air...

and poland.
did you know that in poland in the winter, the air smells of feu de bois?
neither did i. what a lovely, lovely place.

i promise more later. a few pictures from the trip every day.
but for now:

+ a new to me blog, based on a true story
(via naive)

+ small stump
(i like this, this and this)

+ these birds walk

+ you should see this blog by reva (did i post this before? not sure...)

+ oh and i highly recommend this book

+ did you see this over here?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ok. ok.
last post until december. officially. i swear.

i wish i were moving to antwerp.
if i were, i'd do my very best to buy this house.
(via reluct)

other things that just couldn't wait:
+ mav's stunning new holiday cards and calendar
(they are limited, so get yours quickly. i did!)
+ diy and other isaac goodness
(via insurgent muse)
+ pierce neck wrap by markegÄrd
+ granit, muji-like goodness from sweden
(thanks, anna!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so, i'm back from iowa...
and one of the best things about being back (besides seeing my partner in crime, settling into our warm house and sleeping under our down blanket) is getting to open all my mail from the last few days. most of it was mundane, but the lovely green package from my beautiful use swap partner anna made up for it all. you can see the lovely, simple, perfect things she sent me in the picture above - a washing up brush, a butter knife (handmade from pine by her grandfather! the best!) and a pair of metal herb scissors. i am totally over the moon with my swap package! everything was wrapped beautifully with little numbered tags that tell why she sent each object on the reverse. happy happy! (you can see a few of the other swap packages here. i'll add more pictures as i receive them.)

i almost forgot to mention, that i did some thrifting while in iowa. there is a picture of some of my finds here (please excuse the poor photo, the natural light in brooklyn this morning is less than stellar).

and finally...
i won't be posting again until december 4.
this is for two reasons:
first, i need a bit of a blogging break.
and second...

...because in a few days my boyfriend jan and i are taking a trip to poland!
we'll be visiting his family (he's from krakow), eating pierogi and zurek (my favorite), drinking vodka and okocim and visiting lots of beautiful old places. i hope to return with lots of good pictures, inspiration, new friends and lovely memories (okay and maybe some amber jewelry and a pair of handmade leather shoes). please keep your fingers crossed on friday that we make it there safely!

i hope everyone is happy and well!

Friday, November 10, 2006

i am in iowa.
beautiful landscapes from the sky...
gorgeous corn fields...
interesting new light and colors....
working, working, working.

anyhow, i couldn't sit on a few things:
+ genius new work by camilla
+ natalie's new print
+ this WONDERFUL link from marvelous mav

i promise to be back on tuesday. wink.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

texture is so important to me.
i love the idea of a chair covered in sheepskin.
(via roomservice)

i can't remember if i posted this yet, but it just might be the bed of my dreams.

lots of beautiful photographs.

...and if only i could knit...

oh and two fun uk links if you like the simple and/or the old things for your home:
+ period features
+ cabane

i may be absent for a few days, since travel makes it hard to post.
but i promise to be back.