Monday, October 09, 2006

hello everyone!

as most of you know, i adore utilitarian objects that also happen to be beautiful objects. the perfect meeting of form and function, but also with simplicity.

since i completely forgot to celebrate this site's anniversary last month (eek!), i thought it might be great fun to host a swap. so please join me in a little postal exchange that i'll be calling...

beautiful use

in this swap, you'll be asked to send any three objects that are at once utilitarian, simple and beautiful to your partner. think about the beauty in the everyday...a packet of perfect new pencils, a white enamel bowl, handmade beeswax candles, a natural canvas tote with red stitching... these objects can be new, thrifted, vintage, handmade...just keep in mind that its probably best to send something that you'd be pleased to receive yourself.

if you'd like to participate, please e-mail the following to me (by october 16, 2006) at beautiful_use(at)yahoo(dot)com:

+ your name
+ email address
+ mailing address
+ website
+ a little something about yourself
(do you collect? do you craft? your favorite color? describe your style.)

also, let me know if you are willing to ship your swap internationally.

a couple more things:
because i've never hosted a swap before, i'd like to limit this one to 25 people. also, you must have a blog or a flickr account to which you regularly post to participate. after october 16, i'll let you know who your partner is. i promise not to give away your contact information to anyone else.

the mailing date for this swap is november 7, 2006.