Thursday, September 28, 2006

is it strange that i have a crush on my new yellow lemon squeezer?
i love utilitarian and beautiful objects.

also...two inspiring, exciting things from this past weekend:

+ into me/out of me

+ songs of the dragons flying to heaven

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

miuccia is my hero.
and oh the details at marni! the colors, the accessories, the draping...

i love this chair by autoban.
(via moco loco)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

just beautiful...

more beautiful to be found here, here (via marvelous mav), here (saving pennies...), and also here.
oh and there are new tea towels at third drawer down.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i'm going to be traveling soon to austin, santa fe, albuquerque and cedar rapids.
does anyone live in any of these places? any suggestions on places to eat and shop (always my main priorities) or any other things to see?

also, more jane cumberbatch goodness. happy friday!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

oh i love this set of limited edition pinecone prints from ferdinand.
created by the most excellent karen gelardi.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

good evening, ochre.
(via apartment therapy)

gorgeous furniture at atlas industries.

( new new hau hauz! thank you grace!)

i'm so excited about this new graphic novel. i really loved the push man.

i completely agree, anthropologie has recently been offering some things for the home that have made me sit up and take notice.

imagine this in your hand at a beautiful dinner at home with great friends and great food.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

there's a great interview with vito acconci over at designboom.
have you ever seen his design for the storefront for art and architecture?
its even more amazing in person.

also, the birdball is beautiful.
i wish i had a garden.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

oh donna!

Friday, September 15, 2006

let me start by saying, i don't like spring/summer clothing.

just in general, i am much more of a fall/winter girl - i like the layering, the colors, the boots. so as you can imagine, its always hard for me to get into the spring/summer shows.

this season, as i clicked through all the coverage on style, i was more taken with the shapes, textures and colors than any specific pieces. i love the muted color palate happening with a lot of designers, but i was also really taken with the mustard top above (interesting, because i'm not the biggest lela rose fan). i was also really excited to see vera wang's collection (as her ready-to-wear collection has really been growing on me - her fall show was so beautiful and intelligent). i've actually been more overwhelmingly inspired by the street/backstage/front row style coverage by the sartorialist. he just has the best eye.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

this looks like an interesting read.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i've been really wanting a nice jewelry box, especially since now i keep most of my jewelry in a hodge podge collection of paper boxes and ziploc bags. sad, i know.
last year, i saw some really amazing jewelry boxes at this really weird store over in the east village...the name of which escapes me. they were made from old logs and tree stumps. i should have bought one when i saw them, but one day i went by and the store was closed and that was that. so since the beginning of this year, i have been on a mad search for those jewelry boxes that i saw back then. no luck yet. but these will do just fine until then...
(available here and here.)

almost gone...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

there are a lot of wonderful new things over at the moma store, but i am especially fond of these gorgeous tea bowls.

this camilla staerk bag is gorgeous.
she really has a way with accessories.
i'm still in awe of her bird necklace.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

i've returned and i had a really wonderful time in the northwest!
the thrifting is more than amazing, the people are kind and fun, and there are so many gorgeous trees and mountains! above are some pictures i took on my trip (the last one is my room at the ace hotel in seattle, which was super great! in portland, i stayed at the equally great jupiter hotel.)

oh and thank you lena!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

i'll be traveling next week, so i won't be able to post.
but i'll be back on 9.10.06.

p.s. there are lots of new links in the sidebar (like the fabulous labour and wait, among many others), so please check them out. i must admit, the way i list them is sort of random...but i'm hoping that adds to the fun of link-surfing.

oh and something else that i have been loving is all the "cogs of style" posts, inspired by style bubble. the contributions of tricia over at bits and bobbins (parts one and two) and swan diamond rose are my favorites.


accidental interview #5
...a periodic presentation from hoping for happy accidents

london-based design and lifestyle author jane cumberbatch shows us how to live simply and beautifully. her inspiring style manuals help us resist consumption and remind us of the essential.

what inspires you?
the colours and textures of nature - from spring green leaves to rough and ridged bark - give me ideas for the fabrics and accessories that i like to work with and the way that using nature inside the interior, whether it's a simple vase of flowers or a collection of found things like birds nests or seed pods to help my home become a living breathing space. i love the simplicity of vernacular architecture - the moorish sugar cube houses in southern portugal where i'm restoring an old town house or the simple lines and spaces of georgian buildings - like the faded, wooden panelled early 18th century house that my husband and i restored in spitalfields east london. the simple style and approach to living adopted by the american shakers also reflects the less is more philosophy that i aim to live by. 60's design guru (still going strong!) and habitat originator terence conran has influenced me with his emphasis on design that is stylish and functional. artist howard hodgkin's glorious sweeps of colour and food writers like elizabeth david and nigel slater also feed my imagination and inspire me in the kitchen.

happiness is...
+ waking up to a still, warm, and clear-blue-sky morning
+ giving my three children, tom, georgie, gracie a hug
+ swimming in crystal water at the local tooting bec lido (the largest outdoor pool in europe and a watery oasis in an urban setting)

browsing often...
+ labour and wait in cheshire street, spitalfields (gorgeous functional and utilitarian kit for the home - from beautiful brooms, to enamelled saucepans)
+ brixton market- my nearest street market life with life, colour, reggae, women wrapped in gorgeous african prints, cheap herbs, sweet mangoes, and the best selection of fabulous coloured footless tights!
+ borough market - a short train ride away at london bridge, this foodie haven sells only the best organic meat, melt in your mouth cheeses, and fruit and veg from small suppliers that really taste of what they're supposed to

wishing for...
+ perfecting the pics that i am taking with my secondhand digital nikon and using them in my next book
+ a luscious crop of beans, beetroots and onions, that i'm nurturing in my little vegetable patch
+ to build a little eco house by the beach

listening to...
+ caesaria evora's haunting songs from her island home in the cape verde islands (the album miss perfumado is my favourite)
+ al green's soulful beat
+ the resident blackbird that's bursting with song in the apple tree at the bottom of my garden

escaping with...
+ ali smith's truly original way with words in the accidental
+ home is where the heart is - ilse crawford - ideas to make you think about the way we live
+ david hicks garden design - an interior decorator of the old school but with ideas which work for the simplest outdoor spaces

+ walk rosie the bouncy black, lab/springer
+ make a determined effort to deal with admin
+ make a big cup of strong coffee washed down with toast (preferably something chewy and textural like sourdough from borough market) and my friend emmas' marmalade

+ make meringues for pudding - they're so easy and divine with cream and strawberries
+ work on my book and wrestle with writer's bloc
+ have a hunt round my local charity shop for bargains

+ listen to radio 4 - it's pure therapy
+ go and eat, drink and gossip at my friend ilse's
+ hang out at home with the children

what are you looking forward to?
visiting the new kandinsky exhibition at tate modern

the future is…
realising my endless plans and ideas

the past is...
remembering the hum of bees in the shady, rustling eucaplytus tree at the cool white house in anadulcia where we spent ten glorious summers

your happiest accident?
meeting my husband alastair in the queue of new undergraduates at the school of oriental and african studies where we both studied many moons ago

Friday, September 01, 2006

yes, house of hengst, yes.

i feel a collection coming on...
vintage framed screenprinted linen tea towels from kay dee handprints of rhode island. i'm obsessed with the silhouettes, but apparently there are birds, ships, and landscapes to be had.

+ shoe heaven
+ guido vitti
+ sarah luna (thanks, vanessa!)