Wednesday, August 02, 2006

one of my male readers e-mailed to ask about sources for clothing and accessories for guys.

so this one is for the boys.
(and the men and women that love them...)

we (meaning, the boy and i, either together or individually) are big fans of lodendager, brooklyn industries, steven alan, hollander and lexer, oak, kadorable (can't say enough about their super soft t-shirts), cydwoq, ben sherman, palladium (the boy bought the "sloppy" boots last fall and they are perfect), and dunderdon (pictured above...i seriously could live in the store). sometimes we also find things at the gap (and banana republic and old navy, blah blah blah).

we admire and are inspired by folks like cloak, john varvatos (his new lower-priced line for converse is great), the street style on display at the sartorialist and of course, vintage.

i actually love men's fashion. its often more streamlined than women's and of course, the color palettes tend to appeal more to me. i guess it often touches on the utilitarian obsession in me.

oh and check back for an accidental interview soon and please stop by yesterday's post and let me know what you collect (curiosity, curiosity).