Tuesday, June 20, 2006

accidental interview #4
...a periodic presentation from hoping for happy accidents

michel gondry has an immense imagination.
his work is surreal, full of humor and magic and beauty.
he's really the best at what he does.
due to a very very happy accident, i had an opportunity to ask him a few of my slightly obtuse questions. it was a pleasure and i feel very lucky.

he's made so many wonderful things...

his music video for human behaviour by bjork
(watch it here)

his new film, the science of sleep
(images via this site, as is the image at the top of the page)

...not to mention the documentary dave chapelle's block party and music videos for everyone from the white stripes to radiohead to daft punk.

what inspires your work?
my ex-girlfriends

happiness is...
chemicals in your brain

browsing often...
+ amazon
+ ebay
+ art store

wishing for...
+ health
+ courage
+ a nice girlfriend

listening to...
+ morton feldman
+ fats waller
+ michael jackson

escaping with...
+ a brain book
+ a relativity book
+ an evolution book

my bed

stuff my face

try to sleep and fail

what are you looking forward to?
next holidays and the fall too

the future is...
moving toward
the past is...

your happiest accident?
the piano falling in my new movie the science of sleep