Thursday, June 01, 2006

so, after a long and varied may, full of busy days and sleepy nights, i'm back. and i am very very happy to be back now that life is less busy, still a bit sleepy and not quite so varied.

posting will be driven by whim and by accident, as before. sometimes more, sometimes less. hopefully you'll find it more charming than annoying.

a sidenote...
due to utter exhaustion and limited resources, there will be no general store.


i want to focus on some art projects that i'm working on (more to come about that soon), as well as try some new things with this little happy spot. so until i can find some more hours in the day, my little store is on hold.

okay. on to the best part.

early jewelry has some covetable new things.

did you know that tiny showcase is now offering letterpress prints?
neither did i. but they are. and they're wonderful.

another reason to love moleskine.
(thank you jason kottke)

just four words:
thom yorke solo album.
its gorgeous. gorgeous.
(would you like to hear some of it?)

nonchalant mom makes me want to have babies. so do the excellent baby tees over at underdog ink.

plastic fantastic for your lawn.

i missed you.