Sunday, April 09, 2006

its been a lovely week. a busy, but somehow still serene one.

saturday was marvelous, despite the rain. the boy and i went to see the whitney biennial and then to lunch and then to peruse fashion magazines and style books at a japanese bookstore that we like. somewhere in there was a stop at a belgian chocolate shop and a peek at a huge damien hirst sculpture that took us by surprise.

the biennial was...boring. i wasn't thrilled by much of anything that i saw. my favorites were the watercolors of s&m scenes and sexual fetishists by monica majoli, the revolving chandelier film by rodney graham, the wall drawing/installation by jay heikes, and the stunning installation by urs fischer that you can see here (hard to get the full impact from the image...but it was amazing). of course, i was also fond of the film by pierre huyghe, but as you know, i have always loved his work. all in all the work was dark, a little sleepy and the whole exhibition had the feeling of walking through some kind of natural history museum after its been robbed. it was flat and there was just so little didn't stir me up or confuse me...and oddly, that's what i look for in the biennial.
(...also, i have to say that my major concern with this biennial was the way the small handful of african-american artists seemed to be crammed into one room together and seperated from the rest of the exhibition. it seemed strange and unnecessary to effectively "ghettoize" them in this way. anyway, on to happier thoughts...)

on the high of a very lovely paper swap with the talented ms. camilla engman, i happened into another swap with the equally wonderful ms. hayley alaska. what a lucky paper lover i am! i am now still marveling at the gorgeous papers, scraps and cards these two ladies have sent me! hayley read my mind and sent me some fabulous cards by marcel dzama, whom i happen to be quite obsessed with (he's smiling at you at the top of this post). the card below is one of my favorites, as the curvy lady in her underthings reminds me of myself.

i can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the new english dandy. you can probably buy it at amazon, but why not order it from no-one, along with all kinds of other neat stuff, like buddhahood shoes.

i am always on the look out for great jewelry and this week i found alice roche. pretty, no?

this new necklace from the always innovative jewelry line mended veil is great too. you can have the solar system around your neck.

and these earrings by emily amey have had my heart since i first saw them last year over here. i haven't yet managed to grab a pair, but i'm hoping to.

eerie pictures of suburban life are gregory crewdson's specialty. i have a book or two of his work and its always dark and surprising. i can't wait to get this new book of recent work.

artist and writer stanley donwood is probably most known for his collaborations with radiohead - everything from tour t-shirts to album covers to hypertext madness. i've always really liked his short stories too (you can buy paper versions here).

i used to blog quite a bit about design and objects for the home, but not much has caught my eye recently. i was beginning to think i may have lost interest...until i saw these amazing pendant lamps by multi-disciplinary artist miwa koizumi for bddw. each one is hand-cast from porcelain using an inflated balloon. i'm saving my pennies...

now that the search for a wallet has come to a happy end, i am beginning the search for a cosmetic pouch. i haven't found much yet, but this little french purse (and this one too) by dominique piquier at auto are promising (and they happen to be on sale). they'd also make a nice alternative to the truly excellent leather coin purses i love.

tristan, jan's friend, has made a really interesting music project that is making quite a bit of buzz.

speaking of the boy, next week a project he has been working very hard on will be opening in lower manhattan. if you happen to be in nyc, please be sure to grab a ticket. its a multi-media theater work by 3-legged dog called degeneracy. its running all this month at 3ld's new state-of-the-art space down on greenwich street and its not to be missed.

oh and the wonderfully talented maria of port2port and natalie of nebo peklo have collaborated on a series of stunning new handmade cards.
(available at little paper planes)

you know, sometimes magical things happen when you are bumbling along on the internet. those happy accidents are what this blog is all about. recently i happened across a wonderful photo project by alan duke (who i suspect is an old friend from high school). see some of his intensely beautiful photos over at days like these.

until then...