Saturday, April 29, 2006

a little early this week...

beautifully altered photographs by aliki braine.
(via never happened)

there are some new things in that cabinet of wonder, papa stour...
including a holiday house in scotland (!)

i really really really want this book.

be sure to check out the new covetables at busy being.

see you tomorrow is a super creative collective of artists that makes loads of interesting i love the design of the website.

these rope sandals are weirdly attractive.

an amazingly cool bag by ilke penzilien that's available at opening ceremony.
(via the ny times)

hooray! new design from marcel wanders!
i love love the new antiques.

last week i posted about the artist-designed tea towels at third drawer down. i especially fell for the work of james gallagher, who also happens to have a wonderful website with more of his other artwork.

i was thrilled to hear about this new book, a collaboration between cindy sherman, marc jacobs and juergen teller.
(via making things, an excellent blog that also has some wonderful free knitting patterns)

a pillow from fortes design would look great on my sofa.

oh yes...the warhol blog

need some color therapy?
see the work of painter and printmaker mat daly.

magical jewelry and bags by belgian designer natalia brilli.

so, i've made some changes to the sidebar, as well as added a couple of favorite blogs and stores like flying a and designer's library.

and finally...a new accidental interview will be posted next week, so check back. wink.