Sunday, April 23, 2006

this totally made my week.
(via camilla engman)

a gorgeous ring...perfect for spring and summer.

i'm sort of obsessed with the art/music collective, lansing-drieden.

in brooklyn, darr has the most interesting housewares and furniture. (fellow brooklynite, lena is a fan too!)

amy over at day-lab has a some excellent new coral necklaces in her jewelry line. get them before they disappear.

i love this sleek chair by pritzker prize winner, paulo mendes da rocha.

mark jenkins makes you look twice.

the search for a great cotton tote might just be over, thanks to marimekko.

i really like judith van den booom's subversive collection for dutch disturbance.
(via notcot)

kiki smith's work is so intriguing. if you happen to be in the area, i suggest you check out her current exhibition at the walker arts center.

mollie dash has two amazing necklaces over at cut+paste.

i love my pia wallen slippers, but they are a bit warm for the spring and summer. so for those months, i got these - the greatest summer, around-the-house slippers ever. (available at pearl river)

...weird, eye-catching photography from hamburger eyes.

i'm so excited about this collaboration...

i'm becoming more and more obsessed with tiny houses. i have dreams of the boy and i moving somewhere remote and living in our own tiny house. a little house in the woods...maybe someday soon...

i was tossing some old magazines yesterday and happened across an article about this fashion line.

this week, i've gotten a lot of joy out of having my morning coffee from one of my new wooden mugs. we found them last weekend in a kitchen supply store in chinatown.

these cards are just gorgeous.

perfect, old lady chic.

...'til sunday...