Saturday, April 01, 2006

i'm really inspired by the performances and photographs of tseng kwong chi. dressed in a mao suit, impersonating a communist dignitary from china, he photographed himself at tourist sites all over the world. his photographs are at once funny, stark and culturally engaged.

i'm also really loving the work of japanese photographer hiromix. sharp, bright, modern, total contrast to tseng kwong chi's work. i'd love a copy of this book.

everyone needs a hairy monster guide from the drama store.

i love the balance of hard and soft in the furniture of john houshmand.

seriously amazing polaroids from paul schiek.
(via swiss miss)

these handmade bags by mia borsa are just perfect.
(available at local patron)

one of my favorite local designers, roxy marj, has some new items up over at cut+paste. i am particularly excited about her leather polyhedron brooches.

oh and be sure to see the interesting and beautiful photos by nick doro and other fun things.

items from sweden are now available at the salvor kiosk and i'd like one of everything.

in other news, my magazine consumption has reached unparalleled proportions. i'm an addict. recent favorites that i have yet to write about here include...

+ purple magazine - french fashion magazine goodness.
+ relax magazine - the legendary japanese magazine that is so good, you don't even need to speak the language to love it.
+ shift magazine - which i think only exists on-line (the street fashion photos are way cool).
+ a magazine - two words...belgian fashion. need i say more?

i've also been watching my all-time favorite film, buffalo 66, in fits and starts this week. i love the colors, the way vincent gallo frames shots, the strangeness of it all. one of my favorite scenes is about 20 minutes into the film, when billy explains to layla that she has to pretend to be his wife - the shots of the outside of the car and layla (played by christina ricci) as she processes all the bizarre things he's telling her. i've seen the film a dozen times, but its mood is endlessly fascinating.

oh and if you're smart, you'll be sure to see tere o'connor's new dance work, baby. its fabulousness wrapped up in a huge pink bow. genius.

...this summer, let's all wear sailor bracelets. that way when we see each other on the street, we can say hello.

that's it for now...until next sunday...