Saturday, April 29, 2006

a little early this week...

beautifully altered photographs by aliki braine.
(via never happened)

there are some new things in that cabinet of wonder, papa stour...
including a holiday house in scotland (!)

i really really really want this book.

be sure to check out the new covetables at busy being.

see you tomorrow is a super creative collective of artists that makes loads of interesting i love the design of the website.

these rope sandals are weirdly attractive.

an amazingly cool bag by ilke penzilien that's available at opening ceremony.
(via the ny times)

hooray! new design from marcel wanders!
i love love the new antiques.

last week i posted about the artist-designed tea towels at third drawer down. i especially fell for the work of james gallagher, who also happens to have a wonderful website with more of his other artwork.

i was thrilled to hear about this new book, a collaboration between cindy sherman, marc jacobs and juergen teller.
(via making things, an excellent blog that also has some wonderful free knitting patterns)

a pillow from fortes design would look great on my sofa.

oh yes...the warhol blog

need some color therapy?
see the work of painter and printmaker mat daly.

magical jewelry and bags by belgian designer natalia brilli.

so, i've made some changes to the sidebar, as well as added a couple of favorite blogs and stores like flying a and designer's library.

and finally...a new accidental interview will be posted next week, so check back. wink.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

this totally made my week.
(via camilla engman)

a gorgeous ring...perfect for spring and summer.

i'm sort of obsessed with the art/music collective, lansing-drieden.

in brooklyn, darr has the most interesting housewares and furniture. (fellow brooklynite, lena is a fan too!)

amy over at day-lab has a some excellent new coral necklaces in her jewelry line. get them before they disappear.

i love this sleek chair by pritzker prize winner, paulo mendes da rocha.

mark jenkins makes you look twice.

the search for a great cotton tote might just be over, thanks to marimekko.

i really like judith van den booom's subversive collection for dutch disturbance.
(via notcot)

kiki smith's work is so intriguing. if you happen to be in the area, i suggest you check out her current exhibition at the walker arts center.

mollie dash has two amazing necklaces over at cut+paste.

i love my pia wallen slippers, but they are a bit warm for the spring and summer. so for those months, i got these - the greatest summer, around-the-house slippers ever. (available at pearl river)

...weird, eye-catching photography from hamburger eyes.

i'm so excited about this collaboration...

i'm becoming more and more obsessed with tiny houses. i have dreams of the boy and i moving somewhere remote and living in our own tiny house. a little house in the woods...maybe someday soon...

i was tossing some old magazines yesterday and happened across an article about this fashion line.

this week, i've gotten a lot of joy out of having my morning coffee from one of my new wooden mugs. we found them last weekend in a kitchen supply store in chinatown.

these cards are just gorgeous.

perfect, old lady chic.

...'til sunday...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

hello happy people...

the days are sunny, our greenmarket is busy again, and the brooklyn stoop sales abound. its one of those weekends that i'm happy to live in new york city. i love the energy here and the diversity and the tons of creative people doing unexpected things.

nope, that's not my photo above, although i wish it was. its by melanie pullen and its from the wonderful photo book and website called high fashion crime scenes. i'm a huge fan of fashion photography and anything a little bit her images are endlessly interesting. her work also reminds me of the photos of nicola kuperus, which i also happen to love.

you may know nicola as one half of the detroit band adult. i'm a big fan. and i'm excited about their new adult. playing cards (get them here).

these are just beautiful. i love the way they hug the ear. they're by tam aura and you can grab a pair at stars and infinite darkness.

maria cornejo has updated her on-line store with more things to make me wish that money fell from the sky.

she also finally has the shoes she did for keds available (or you can get them here).

...pedro garcia's shoes sure are beautiful. thank goodness it doesn't cost anything to just look at them.

also...pretty pretty things at bark.

the artwork of ron mueck is so marvelously weird.
(via happy famous artists)

finding new blogs and magazines to read always make my week. here are a few interesting ones:
+ fashionologie
+ a wee bit skint
+ love made visible

also...sometimes you just want some interesting, smart, politically aware writing.

these gorgeous lace earrings are perfect for spring.
(available at l'arti chaut)

on my way home from work this week, i noticed this bag hanging in the window of a spring street boutique. it was a beautiful cream color. so textured and vintage-looking. i had to know who made it. turns out its a carpet bag from jerry terrence. the orange is cute and punchy, but i'm more partial to the black or cream.
(you can also get them here)

lovisa burfitt's got it going on. for real.

i know these are old news, but i really really really want a breezy singer.

great, great bags at kisim. worth every penny.

and speaking of beautiful leather bags that i can't currently afford...
i adore jas mb. adore. seriously. they are stratospherically expensive, but equally goregous. no pictures on the site, but i happened to scare up a few.

bauden foss has some really great pillows and textiles.
i really love the tree print.

i've already found my summer sandals, but these new sandals by repetto are tempting me to buy another pair.

if you haven't seen chie mihara shoes - get yourself to saks or to your nearest hip little store.

i'm loving these flats by calleen cordero, too.

these affordable and excellent glass rings by elisa harms caught my eye a few weeks back...

...and so did these birch rings.
natural and beautiful. the best combination.

oh and before i forget...
everyone should be sure to see the show of kara walker's work at the met. its open until july 30. her cut-paper installations will challenge you, provoke you - her work is so smart and so thought-provoking...she's definitely an artist that inspires me.

until next week, happy trails!