Sunday, March 05, 2006

accidental interview #2
...a periodic presentation from hoping for happy accidents

knights at the round table, 22"x30", gouache on paper
(click for a larger view)

denise despirito is a visual artist. her intricate works in pen, pencil, watercolor and gouache pull you in and stun you with their detail, texture and quirkiness. in her drawn collages, she layers phantom images from sources like national geographic and fashion magazines, inviting us into a landscape that is at once dreamy and distinct.

where were you born?
long island, new york

where were you educated?

when did you know you wanted to be an artist?
i never really thought it was something to be, i kinda always thought
it was something you just were.

what inspires your art?
everything, especially walking around new york and the huge amount of
visual stimulation you experience by just walking - over bridges,
through different neighborhoods, just seeing, doing and being here -
movement,the highs and lows, the intricacies of hand-crocheted designs
i first saw my grandmother do....

happiness is...
+ friends and family
+ babycakes
+ marty links hallmark cards saved from the 70's
+ my so-called life dvd box set
+ seitan steak sandwich with caramelized onions, soy cheese
and mayo on whole-wheat roll with salad and creamy dill dressing from bliss
+ photographer friends documenting our lives
+ hot spiked cider

browsing often...
+ cinders gallery and store
+ printed matter
+ savers

wishing for...
+ acupuncture
+ a free studio
+ sustainable living
+ a middle ground
+ tolerance

listening to...
+ the skin of my yellow country teeth by clap your hands say yeah!
+ anything anything by dramarama
+ aeiou by freeze
+ '93 'til infinity by souls of mischief
+ heartbeats by the knife

escaping with...
+ the language change by kevin hooyman
+ grapefruit by yoko ono
+ buddhism plain and simple by steven hagen
+ all souls' rising by madison smartt bell

picking one song to listen to on repeat on my first train ride of the day.

eat soup.

if i am at home, that 70's show reruns.

what are you looking forward to?
+ a trip south
+ a better understanding
+ finally getting to read the stack of free magazines from fashion week
+ my own website
+ scope
+ the whitney biennial
+ spring
+ trees growing leaves again

the future is...
wide open

the past is...
more present then we think

your happiest accident...
my cell phone dying at just the right moment