Thursday, February 02, 2006

accidental interview #1
...a periodic presentation from hoping for happy accidents

claudia wu is the editor of me magazine, a unique, new york-based quarterly magazine that traces out the lives of creative people. for each issue, claudia chooses a guest editor and collects interviews and photographs of that person's closest friends, creating a document of that person's life. each issue ends with an in depth interview with the guest editor.

*photo by john minh nguyen

where were you born?

where were you educated?

when and how did you come up with the idea for me magazine?
when: in a car driving home from hunter mountain, february 2004
how: talking about a way of doing something more fulfilling than my
regular job. i had worked at many magazines, so it seemed to be the
logical next step to do my own.

did you always want to be a magazine editor?
i wanted to be a surgeon, musician, biologist, pastry chef, artist,
film director, psychologist, fashion designer, zookeeper... the list
goes on. i still want to be many of those things.

happiness is...…
+ my family
+ my friends
+ my cat
+ cat power
+ roger federer
+ miuccia prada
+ hussein chalayan
+ alexander mcqueen
+ michel gondry
+ wong kar wai
+ alan ball
+ jon stewart
+ joan didion

browsing often...…
haven't had time to shop lately except whole foods and super stop &

wishing for...…
+ renewable, non-polluting energy
+ end to violence and corruption
+ end to exploitation of people, natural resources, habitats, and animals
+ a cure for cancer and AIDS
+ no regrets
+ motivation/drive/willpower
+ good health
+ a vacation
+ psychic abilities
+ more advertising for the magazine

listening to...…
+ cat power
+ nina simone
+ death cab for cutie
+ the smiths
+ npr and wnyc

escaping with...…
+ us weekly
+ cnn
+ new york times
+ gawker
+ curbed
...i also have a pile of books i've bought but haven't gotten around to

sleep in

eat lunch


what are you looking forward to?
+ time off
+ watching tennis and lost
+ new york fashion week
+ working with the next guest editor
+ doing freelance projects from home in my pjs
+ figuring out my life
+ learning more about the world
+ the future

the future is...
relentless, hazy, full of promise.

the past is...
the past.

your happiest accident...
all of them, good and bad. they've made me who i am today. it's also
nice to find money in places i've forgotten about.