Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i am fascinated by yoko ono.

"the only two things that are really going to save the world are music and art, because music and art are two international languages. i’m not talking about only the artists. i’m thinking in terms of each person in society who has an artistic sensibility."

"a small amount of poison is usually a very good medicine."

"the energy of anger is incredibly strong. love and hate are two sides of a coin. twist the coin and make it love. it’s beautiful. we have to do that now. it’s time to start covering the world in love. you don’t have to be afraid of anger."

"i go with the flow, i go with the flux."

"love is getting so scarce, and people are scared and frightened. we have to go back to trusting each other and loving each other. i really think i’m on a mission of making sure we heal this earth.”